Graduate Leadership Programs Are Broken. Here’s Why

Structured training programs for newly graduated undergraduates and post-graduates are quickly replacing the standard on-boarding orientation for new hires. Here in Asia, virtually every large multi-national comes to campus pitching their fancy program, whether they're called a Management Associate (MA), Management Trainee (MT), or Graduate Leadership Development Program (LDP). But are these programs actually working? Having surveyed over 200 people who’ve participated in LDPs, along with the fact that operational costs of these programs continue to rise, and the retention rates of organizations going in the opposite direction, it's our hypothesis that these LDPs are failing, especially here in Asia.

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2013 Career Fairs in Singapore

It's definitely been a long time since our last post, but it's not because things aren't happening. We're actually getting ready to launch a re-design of our website, and working on some exciting new projects for the upcoming Fall. But to make sure we don't forget, as one is happening this weekend, here's a list of the major career fairs this year in Singapore. Some of moved their venue to Marina Bay Sands from typically Suntec, so please take note.

  • July 13 & 14 - ST Jobs Career & Development Fair (Marina Bay Sands)
  • August 24 & 25 - JobsCentral Career & Education Fair 2013 (Suntec)
  • March 7-9, 2014 - Career & Education 2013 (Suntec)

  • More details here...

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    2012 Career Fairs in Singapore

    Well, we're right in the middle of Career Fair season here in Singapore. Universities have almost finished their major on-campus fairs, and for the general public, this weekend marks the 2nd of the 3 major career fairs. Here are the details:

  • CAREER 2012 - March 1-4
  • Career Expo 2012 - March 23-25
  • JobsCentral Career Fair & Learning Fair 2012 - August 25-26

  • All 3 take place at Suntec. More details here...

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    2011 Career Fairs in Singapore

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, March marks the beginning of the career fair season, so I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight 3 of the major ones that are free and open to the general public.

  • CAREER 2011 - March 3-6
  • Career Expo 2011 - March 25-27
  • JobsCentral Career Fair & Learning Fair 2011 - August 13-14

  • All 3 take place at Suntec. More details here...

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    Job Fairs: 5 Tips on How to Get Noticed (Part 2/2)

    The best part about a job fair is that you have an immediate opportunity to try again with the next booth. However, before you head over there, take a second to think about what went wrong and where you can improve. The opportunity to accelerate your job search is real, so before you decide to just ask the same standard and boring questions as everyone else, take the time to follow these tips in order to get noticed. The more practice, the better you will get.

    You've done your research, you know what you want, and now you're prepared for the actual event. What do you do when you finally arrive? Here are 2 more tips to help you really stand out at the actual fair itself...

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    Job Fairs: 5 Tips on How to Get Noticed (Part 1/2)

    Job fairs are becoming a popular way for large companies to not only attract and recruit a significant number of job applicants, but to also market themselves to the general public. Most people believe that their objective at these fairs should be to use the “machine gun approach” (i.e. hand out their resume at every booth present) or for them to only go to the booths of companies they recognize, ask some basic questions to fake some interest, then hand in their resume. Let me be the first to be burst their bubble; this doesn’t work!

    If you don’t already know this, when you approach the booth and have that first conversation, you’re having your first interview with the company. With that fact, job fairs are unique and a great opportunity. If you play your cards right, you may be able to accelerate your job search, so here are five tips to help you maximize your job fair potential.

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    Thinking of an MBA? A Recent Trend that will Force you to Start Planning Today!

    Obtaining an MBA is becoming an increasingly popular step in a young person’s career. With competition even tougher than before, being admitted to a top program requires careful planning. New trends are also emerging changing what the “ideal” MBA candidate is. If you’re thinking about an MBA in the future, whether it’s applying this fall or years down the road, let me highlight a recent trend that will force you to start planning today.

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    How to Ask Good Questions? It’s Not About You, It’s About Them

    Ideal interviews are ones where you and the interviewer(s) are carrying a normal conversation. Both parties take turns asking and answering questions within the flow of the conversation, and you don’t feel like you’re part of an interrogation. While you may not have the opportunity to ask questions in the middle of the interview, you will always be given at least a few minutes at the end. Most people now know that asking good questions is a key part of the interview. Asking the right type of questions can definitely leave the interviewer with a great impression about you. But what are good questions to ask? Here are 3 rules to keep in mind…

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    How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview

    Interviews are won or lost in the first 5 minutes. Experienced interviewers can tell in your initial interactions with them if there’s potential here, or if you’re just not going to fit in. Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve worked with over 75 undergraduates conducting 1-on-1 mock interviews with them, and I can definitely tell you, after just the first few questions, which were the handful that stood out from the crowd.

    So what does this mean? You need to start your interview strong! Prepare for the typical introductory questions (e.g. can you start by telling me a little bit more about yourself? Why are you interested in working for us? Why this role?), and be ready to really impress the interviewer with your answer.

    Today I want to focus specifically on the introduction – what should you say and how much should you say if the interviewer asks you to tell them more about yourself?

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    Forget Networking, Start Mingling

    Everyone has heard the importance of networking and building a personal network, and in today's struggling economy that's even more true than normal. While job creation is beginning to slowly pick-up, experts say that as low as 10% of all available jobs are ever posted publicly (i.e. in the newspaper or on the Internet). That means that potentially up to 90% of jobs form what we call the Hidden Job Market. With that in mind, letting people know what you're interested in, what you're good at, and what you're most passionate about are critically important.

    Reaching out to your existing network is the first step, but that typically won't be enough. You will need to re-connect with people you haven't talked to in sometime, and you will definitely want to meet new interesting people. Well, there's no better time to get going than right now!

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