Whitepaper CoverManagement Associate, Management Trainee, Future Leaders programme…do a quick online search and you will see how popular these buzzwords are. But how effective are these early talent development programmes? Are they worth the increasingly high operational costs? And how can one articulate and measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of such a programme?

In this whitepaper, we summarise key highlights of our year-long research that will answer these questions. By taking a bottom-up, data-driven approach, our research will suggest ways to measure programme ROI, and tell you what key elements are required in a successful programme. We will also give you actionable insights to help you whether you’re thinking of modifying an existing programme or designing a new one from scratch.

2016 Early Talent Development - Full Report
Beyond the whitepaper (above), our full report is a complete review of over 50,000+ data points. The report outlines 51 key insights, divided in both “Quick Wins” & “Deep Impact Insights” that will give you actionable advice, whether you’re looking to modify an existing programme or build one from scratch.

The full report will also provide data on how to achieve success for each of the outlined Key Success Indicators: Programme Satisfaction, Learning, Development & Personal Growth, Productivity, Individual Impact, Career Progress, Retention.

Included in the purchase of the report is a 1-hr consultation (in-person or phone/Skype) to help with any clarifications or further questions you may have.

(All prices in SGD)