Most professional coaches only focus on corporate and executive clients. Career counselors typically only help you during a specific moment of time. Kwantum Leap was formed specifically to bridge this gap, offering professional and experienced coaching services to the youth, as well as offering a coach that can be there every step of the way, throughout your rising career.

At Kwantum Leap, our philosophy is simple. We firmly believe that in order to make the best choice for yourself, you must be as informed as possible. You know yourself best, so our job isn’t to help you make your choices. It’s to help you gather all the important information you need, so when you do have to make those tough choices, you’re making informed ones.

With experience in Asia, North America and Europe, Kwantum Leap is your gateway between the East & the West.

Whether you are just getting ready to start your post-secondary education, or want to take the next big step forward, Kwantum Leap can provide you with the guidance and mentoring you are looking for.

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