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There is a wealth of activity in the graduate employment space – whether it’s to do with employer branding, talent recognition or campus recruitment. However, all too often, the hard work we put into finding and recruiting great individuals is undone by poorly designed or executed programmes that fail to (1) inspire and (2) get the most out of our so-called top talent. At Kwantum Leap, we help you understand the impact of your early talent programmes, help you optimize the use of resources to maximize their output and help you develop world-class programmes.

We have been in and around the graduate recruitment and development space for years now. Our 360 market research (360R) gives us insights that are not publicly available and means we’re well placed to know what makes a programme best in class; our existing work with students (millennials) and top Universities provides us with unique firsthand knowledge of what future generations want and need; and, to top it all off, our professional background means our advice will always be practical, grounded in real experience.

Our structured assessment consists of interviews, surveys, focus groups and workshops. We’ll start with your interns and graduates but also interrogate HR and management teams. Each party offers a unique and valuable perspective that may not be readily offered through internal evaluation methods due to a lack of anonymity. We take all these data points and make sense of them for you. We’ll intelligently compare your work to that considered best practice both in Asia and internationally and convert it into actionable plans that make sense within the context of your organization.

    In short, as far as our services are concerned, we can provide you with:

    • Basic assessments to gauge the health of your programme(s)
    • In-depth analyses on specific factors such as resource management, manager performance, ROI, stakeholder engagement, etc.
    • Full support in creating, reviewing and possibly even implementing your entire programme.

    And if you’re not convinced, let’s consider just a few of the benefits:

    • Knowing what interns and graduates really rate – and what they don’t – will help you build a programme that makes best use of your time and money
    • It will increase the productivity of graduates, improve retention and truly build a pipeline of future leaders
    • A well-reviewed programme is more likely to create positive ripples in student circles, win you more awards and raise the profile of your organization as an employer of choice
    • Including colleagues in these reviews will substantially increase their buy-in, leading to an environment that is more inclusive and supportive of interns and graduates
    • And ultimately, a programme that consistently produces successful staff sells itself – gone will be the days of begging management for more resources and continued funding

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