Resume Writing

Whether you’re applying for jobs, university admission, or scholarships, resumes are typically the first impression that someone will form of you. With that in mind, you obviously want to put your best foot forward.

At Kwantum Leap we have extensive experience helping clients transform their resumes, and turn them into conversation starters. By helping you highlight your strengths and accomplishments, we’ll get you one step closer to obtaining your dream job or dream school.

As former recruiters, we’ll also share with you valuable insights on what readers are looking for, how they actually read resumes, and what they are thinking as they spend anywhere from 10 – 50 seconds the first time.

Here are some of the things we’ll help you with during our sessions:

  • Educate you on what recruiters are looking for when they read resumes
  • Teach you how to write effective bullet points using the STAR method
  • Ensure your resume showcases accomplishments & highlights your strengths
  • Help you create an impactful layout and designn

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